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Your team doesn’t know what skills are requirements for their role. Your clients are dissatisfied with the level of expertise they are receiving.  Your products and services are difficult to support – or roll out.

Now, skills are beautifully captured using SkillsEngine by Innovorg. Not only will your employees work to the same common objectives and standards, but they will fully align with the products and services you sell.

“Client do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

– Richard Branson


The benefits of managing your collective talent come together with the SkillsEngine platform. With it your business will experience:

Consistent Delivery

One of the biggest challenges of growing organizations today is ensuring that all your employees are working to a common standard.

Consistent Delivery

SkillsEngine provides an intuitive and continuously improving centralized point of reference for the capabilities required to support your products and services.

Progress Tracking

Employees are empowered to track their way through product and service delivery with step-by-step surveys designed for data input.

Progress Tracking

Using graphical progress drill downs, managers can easily address areas for improvement or acknowledge and capitalize on company strongholds.

Knowledge-Based Collaboration

SkillsEngines' Continuous Learning A.I. automatically tags the most knowledgeable and most effective employees on any skill or category.

Knowledge-Based Collaboration

This makes it easier for colleagues to quickly locate the best resource to answer questions or perform tasks.

Successful On-Boarding

High-performing organizations are consistently excellent at the first-impression process of on-boarding - be that new staff or new clients

Successful On-Boarding

SkillsEngine reduces the time it takes for new employees to begin contributing in a meaningful way, and then supports their professional development journey, throughout their employment.

Employee Retention

Human capital is the single most important asset a company needs to take the next step in growth and innovation. To retain your people you need to show them that you are invested in their growth and development.

Employee Retention

Using SkillsEngine, employees at every level can asses their career objectives against the skills required to succeed, allowing for an effective partnership with their employer.

Training Effectiveness

When budgets are tight, employee training can often take a backseat in favor of more ‘essential’ spending. We make it possible to develop training tracks that bring fast and effective results aligned with your needs.

Training Effectiveness

With SkillsEngine, the training programs and certifications are selected more strategically to support new and existing offerings while tailoring to individual needs of each employee.




Established Standards

With our proprietary repository of skills, proficiency levels, and roles, we quickly refined processes enabling the continuous, collaborative development of very-complex capabilities within Professional Services organizations.


Enabled Effective Hiring

Using the profile building capabilities of SkillsEngine we assisted HR teams to quickly and effectively identify knowledge gaps and built the most relevant hiring profiles. The right people were hired for the right roles.


Re-Invented Internal Education

With our per-employee analytics and dashboards, we took the education program of a Managed Services provider to a new level. The right training tracks are now being delivered to the right people at the right time.


New Product Launch

Addressed a big challenge of evaluating team's readiness to support a new product launch. SkillsEngine identified the skills required to fill the gaps, and pointed out the employees that were best positioned to meet expectations.









What People Say

As a user of Innovorg’s SkillsEngine product, we drive valuable insights and can adapt performance across the entire organization. Innovorg brings real expertise and very personalized experience to every client.

Richard Oliver
Ryan Weight

Innovorg has been a huge help in rejuvenating our support services organization. We are now able to have a real time view into the skills we need to align with customer and business expectations. The team at Innovorg went above and beyond in working to understand our business well, helping to optimize the operating cost while growing staff's expertise and capacity to deliver excellent customer experience.

Ryan Weight
UK2 Group
Mike Pultz

With an ever-changing landscape of products and services, it’s not always easy to know if our team has the skills we need to support them. SkillsEngine brought everything together, and dramatically simplified our process.

Mike Pultz
CTO, Fonolo
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