We believe the future belongs to those who learn more skills & combine them in creative ways

Who we are

How do you effectively and continuously distribute your Product and Services knowledge internally and externally? How do you ensure everyone understands what to focus on at any given time and how learning is connected to the business outcomes they deliver? Those are the questions the founder Elya McCleave worked on when establishing Innovorg in 2018.

Innovorg is a unique skills-building and talent analytics solution built for the Cloud industry. It works with unlimited organizational and role structures, complex product and services catalogs, and any resource intensity.

Our Mission

We want to help organizations unlock full potential of their workforce and partners, while helping individuals to enter and build successful, long-term careers in the Cloud sector.

Our Vision

It’s not just technology, but great people — fully trained, actively engaged, and properly equipped — who adapt and innovate to make customers happy and this world a better place.

Our Story


Innovorg founded

The Inovorg platform, as an idea, has been researched for many years. The founding members and advisors have decades of working in the Technology industry. They firsthand experienced the major pains of the highly technical and resources intensive organization trying to align people with the business outcomes.

After almost twenty years in the Cloud & Data Center sectors, Elya McCleave left a successful executive career to build Innovorg. The first product, the Skills Module, was introduced in 2020. The first customer, a Cloud SaaS company, was signed soon after with Managed Service Providers, Data Center Providers, Web Hosting Providers, and Cloud SaaS to follow.

We have a solid team focused on the customer experience and value proposition. As a result, the platform is expanding continuously, with customer feedback and requirements driving the product roadmap priorities.


We have ambitious plans for the future: our goal is to become the to-go platform to enable human capital alignment with the business. We want to expand our footprint and make our products available worldwide.

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