Who we are

How do you effectively and continuously distribute your Product and Services knowledge internally and externally? How do you ensure everyone understands what to focus on at any given time and how learning is connected to the business outcomes they deliver? Those are the questions the founder Elya McCleave worked on when establishing Innovorg in 2021.

Innovorg is a unique skills-building and talent analytics solution built for the Cloud industry. It works with unlimited organizational and role structures, complex product and services catalogs, and any resource intensity.

Building things that make a difference across the board


We want to help organizations unlock full potential of their workforce and partners, while helping individuals to enter and build successful, long-term careers in the Cloud sector.


It’s not just technology, but great people — fully trained, actively engaged, and properly equipped — who adapt and innovate to make customers happy and this world a better place.

2021: Innovorg Launched

The Inovorg platform, as an idea, has been researched for many years. The founding members and advisors have decades of working in the Technology industry. They firsthand experienced the major pains of the highly technical and resources intensive organization trying to align people with the business outcomes.

After almost twenty years in the Cloud & Data Center sectors, Elya McCleave left a successful executive career and her consulting agency to fully focus on Innovorg. The year 2021 was when the compny was launched and team started to be built.

2022: Platform Commercialization

In 2022, Innovorg marked a pivotal moment in its journey with the first funding round being closed and successful commercialization of the platform. This significant milestone was possible due to almost two years of intensive product development and market fit testing. Our team’s dedication to extensive research and client engagement during this period allowed us to refine our product to meet the exact needs of our target audience. By analyzing existing tools and identifying market gaps, we developed innovative solutions that set us on a path to becoming industry leaders. The launch of the Skills & Training Modules was more than a product debut; it was a leap forward in our mission to drive innovation and growth in our field.

2023: Expanding Our Portfolio and Impact

By 2023, Innovorg had grown significantly, thanks to our commitment to integrating feedback from our expanding customer base. We launched two additional products: Certifications, and Job Scorecard Modules, each tailored to the specific needs of the technology sector. Our mission is ambitious yet clear: to revolutionize how Service Providers operate, making workforce planning and technical enablement key organizational KPIs. Our AI-driven platform equips businesses with the tools they need to align their workforce with strategic goals and foster rapid skill development.

In year 2023, we’ve enhanced our offerings by introducing advanced training content and strengthening our analytics and AI capabilities. These improvements ensure that each organization we serve receives customized development plans, insights, and recommendations, furthering their growth and success.

The Future: Leading the Way in Workforce Optimization & Partner Enablement

Looking forward, Innovorg is committed to creating a comprehensive solution that integrates upskilling, training, performance management, talent acquisition, and benchmarking, all specifically designed for the technology sector. Our vision is an ecosystem where service providers, channel partners, talent, and technical enablers like content providers and certification bodies, work together seamlessly. This integrated approach aims to provide a holistic, unmatched experience in workforce optimization and skills development for our market. Our goal is not just to participate but to lead in these sectors. With a focus on innovation and delivering tangible results, Innovorg aims to establish itself as the definitive resource for businesses in the Service Provider realm, specializing in skills development, partner enablement, and workforce optimization.

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