Training module

The Training Module helps your workforce to level up their skills, and your partners to get the most out of your technology by providing adaptive learning experiences based on the Skills Gaps.

Introducing the Innovorg Training Module

The Innovorg Training Module addresses employee and partner skill gaps. It provides an all-in-one solution with access to your internal training as well as a curated global content ecosystem. The Training Module is more than an online learning platform; it focuses on the specific skills needed based on the Skills Gap, resulting in better learner engagement, and improved employee and partner onboarding and overall learning experince.

Adoptive Learning Experience

The Innovorg Training Module is designed to revolutionize the training experience by offering a personalized and efficient learning journey. Understanding that each individual’s knowledge and skill level varies, our module eliminates the redundancy of covering familiar material. Instead, it focuses on targeted learning, tailored to the current skill level of each learner based on the the current Skills Gap.

We have meticulously cataloged thousands of distinct skills and developed connections with learning content and structured pathways for mastering them. This ensures that every individual can start their learning journey exactly where they need to.

Moreover, our module integrates with both external and internal educational tools, including Learning Management Systems (LMS), Experience API (xAPI), and Learning Record Stores. This integration enables comprehensive tracking of each learner’s progress, ensuring a cohesive and uninterrupted learning experience. With Innovorg, learners can efficiently acquire new skills and knowledge, directly relevant to their personal and professional growth

New Business Opportunities Through Training

Do you recognize the invaluable role your team and partners play in your success? They should be regarded as your most significant assets. Their expertise and training are the cornerstone in delivering top-tier products and services. Avoid missing out on potential business opportunities due to skill gaps or lack of certifications among your team.

The Innovorg Training Module is the solution you need. It significantly streamlines employee and partner onboarding, empowering them to deliver exceptional experiences with your technology. This comprehensive training module alleviates frustration by providing all necessary resources and support, ensuring your team is well-equipped and confident in their roles. Invest in the Innovorg Training Module to harness the full potential of your human assets and technology.

Key Advantages

Streamline the onboarding process for employees and partners by offering individualized training tailored to their unique skills gaps. This targeted approach ensures that they receive the specific resources and support needed to quickly reach operational proficiency. It’s not just about speeding up the onboarding process; it’s about making it more effective and personalized. For your current employees, this method allows them to build upon their existing foundational knowledge, branching into new areas and enhancing their skills in a way that’s directly relevant to their professional growth. By focusing on individual needs and specific skills gaps, we ensure that every team member is equipped, empowered, and ready to excel

Our platform offers an unparalleled learning experience with access to a global content ecosystem, unrestricted by any specific set of providers. We have the capability to curate content from an extensive range of sources in various formats, including courses, books, podcasts, videos, articles, and more, to suit diverse learning preferences. Furthermore, we are adept at integrating customer in-house learning resources, such as Learning Management Systems (LMS), wikis, and knowledge bases (KBs), as needed. This comprehensive approach ensures that our training is not only vast and varied but also perfectly aligned with your unique organizational needs and learning styles

Empower your employees and partners to achieve excellence and attain certifications through the focused learning resources and paths. Designed to expedite the acquisition of critical skills, our approach significantly reduces the time it takes for team members to reach full proficiency. This not only streamlines their path to certification but also strengthens their overall competencies. As they build upon their foundational knowledge, they can apply these enhanced skills to new challenges, continuously advancing their professional development. Our strategy is centered on cultivating a highly competent and certified workforce, equipped to excel in tomorrow’s dynamic business landscape.

You have the power to build and manage your own learning paths and mandatory learning campaigns, customizing the educational experience to meet your specific requirements. This feature allows you to align your training initiatives with key organizational goals, such as onboarding, certification tracks, updates in technology or products, and the introduction of new procedures. Furthermore, the module offers the cutting-edge option of AI-generated quizzes for an interactive and adaptive learning approach. You also have the flexibility to create your own quizzes, tailoring assessments to precisely fit your learning objectives. These personalized learning paths and campaigns are essential in ensuring every member of your team is thoroughly equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills.

The right skills for the right people at the right time

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