PRESS RELEASE: Innovorg and Bisnow DICE Events Partner to Integrate Continued Learning Opportunities into the Platform

PRESS RELEASE: Innovorg and Bisnow DICE Events Partner to Integrate Continued Learning Opportunities into the Platform

Innovorg’s skills management and professional development platform, purposely designed for cloud, hosting and data center sectors, improves employee engagement

Vancouver, British Columbia – May 21, 2024  – Innovorg, the only skills-building and workforce optimization platform for cloud, hosting, and data center teams, announces today that it has partnered with Bisnow’s Data Center Investment Conference & Expo (DICE) Series events. The partnership enables the integration of the DICE series programming into Innovorg’s continued learning platform, providing greater learning and skills development opportunities for companies and its employees in the cloud, hosting, and data center sectors.

The Innovorg platform and the integration of Bisnow’s DICE event series are designed to keep companies and their employees connected with the latest trends and developments within their specialty sectors and offer the opportunity for real-time engagement with industry experts. By notifying users of relevant events and key topics, employees increase their ability to participate in dynamic discussions and gain invaluable insights through the Bisnow DICE Series of events.

Elya McCleave, CEO and founder of Innovorg comments, “We believe that these industry events will provide our clients and their users with unique opportunities to network, learn, and grow within their professional field by augmenting and enhancing the skills catalogs designed for the learning paths for each role in our client’s organizations.

We are excited to partner with Innovorg to bring our international series of events, agenda topics, and speakers to the forefront of continuous learning in the data center, hosting, and cloud sectors,” adds Adam Knobloch, Vice President and Head of Data Centers for Bisnow. “We pride ourselves in cultivating content topics that anticipate the needs of the industry while addressing the challenges and opportunities that are top-of-mind for developers, operators, and service providers alike.” 

Innovorg’s platform has a proven track record of helping businesses improve the efficiency of communications, training, and workflow across the organizational structure, thereby improving overall productivity, employee satisfaction, and engagement, as well as an improved customer experience and greater market competitiveness.

Now, Innovorg platform users can get notified of the top industry events – with discount access – from the most well-known organizers to top-tier, industry-exclusive events, all in alignment with each company’s current and future skill sets and interests. The curated events include both live and virtual programming to help meet and fill the skills gap for each individualized learning path.

For more information about Innovorg and its industry-shaping, skills-building, and workforce optimization platform, contact us at

About Bisnow

Bisnow Media, also known as Bisnow, is a multi-platform digital media company that produces news and live events. Founded in 2005, Bisnow Media is owned by private equity firm Wicks Group and has offices in New York and Washington, D.C. Covering 27 metropolitan markets across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. with a subscriber base of over 600,000, Bisnow is one of the largest producers of commercial real estate news and events. The company’s publications have been described as similar to Business Insider, covering topics such as real estate, businesses, and Data Centers.

About Innovorg

Innovorg, is the only skills-building and workforce optimization platform for cloud, hosting, and data center teams. Founded in 2021 by industry veterans to empower employees, leaders, and businesses to deliver a platform that discovers, organizes, develops, and measures technical soft, and functional skills and certifications at scale. Innovorg’s four core modules are focused on improving employees as well as partner enablement. The modules power up skills gap analysis, role design, career pathing, continuous learning, and effective upskilling. Innovorg aggregates and curates content for all of the standard skills tapping into the global content ecosystem. Providing customized solutions for the $300 billion Service Provider market, Innovorg’s platform is uniquely positioned to cater to the highly technical and resource-intensive Service Provider segment, which is underserved with the skills gap now reaching a crisis level. While the cloud and data industry continues to evolve, purpose-built tools such as Innovorg need to be readily available for companies to keep up with new developments.

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