PRESS RELEASE: CloudLinux and Innovorg renew partnership

by | Jan 7, 2023

Innovorg and CloudLinux announced today the contract renewal between the two companies to continue powering up CloudLinux’s employee skills development and certifications across the entire organization.

CloudLinux and Innovorg’s Innovative Partnership

The partnership was initially started in 2021 with Global Support Services BU where Innovorg – a leading talent analytics and skills-building platform for the Cloud sector – delivered skills gap analysis and individually curated training content that fully aligned with CloudLinux’s proprietary products and services. David Mello, CXO of CloudLinux said,

« We know that the people on our team are our most important resource, and that we needed to invest in their development. But we weren’t sure where to start. We worked closely with Innovorg to evaluate the skills of our various services teams and to fully optimize the skills management and training. Innovorg helped us to automate the process of curriculum catalog development, content curation and mapping, and job score cards upkeep, as well as to tap into the global ecosystem of content providers. »

Elya McCleave, Founder and CEO of Innovorg said,

Elya McCleave, Founder and CEO of Innovorg

« We are delighted to grow our relationship with CloudLinux. The team and products are solid, and we’re excited to offer them a solution to unlock the full potential of their technical staff. Innovorg was built for the technology sector to drive internal employee and channel enablement. We work with companies that put their people first and prioritize alignment of their human capital with the business. This is what makes them such a great fit for us. It’s the perfect alignment of their goals and our expertise. »

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