Skill Building for your Channel Partners

If you have a channel, Innovorg makes sure your channel partners have the right skills, training, and certifications.

Drive greater channel revenue by providing skills gap analytics backed up by training and certification paths tailored to each partner. Build deeper relationships and ensure better technology outcomes through Innovorg’s integrated platform, where you can track progress and proactively provide support where necessary.

Introducing Innovorg for Channel Partners

Innovorg provides the easiest way to share your skill with your partners, build learning and certification paths so that your technology is adopted and that users can get the most value from it. Partners are able to integrate it into their workflow and see the value and have better retention.

Develop Partner Skills Catalog and Provide Adoptive Training

Implementing tailored training courses and certification programs for Channel Partners through Innovorg is an effective strategy to ensure your partners fulfill your specific requirements.

While many companies rely on legacy Learning Management Systems (LMS) by merely making content available to their partners, Innovorg takes a more dynamic approach. It allows you to select relevant skills from your company’s catalog for partner use, pinpoint and address partner skill gaps, offer customized training pathways based on these gaps, and create specialized partner certification programs. The goal transcends beyond just providing content; it’s about ensuring effective adoption of your technology and maximizing its value for users.

With Innovorg’s integrated platform, you gain the assurance that your partners can develop competencies more rapidly and, as a result, generate increased revenue. This approach not only enhances partner engagement but also drives deeper and more effective utilization of your technology solutions.

Key Advantages

The opportunities are limitless as long as your partners have the right skills and training. You can use Innovorg to provide training out-of-the-box from leading training platforms and integrate your own training materials to build complete and engaging training pathways.

The Innovorg Certification Module shows you what certifications a Channel Partner has, and provides clear pathways for them to gain certifications that will help them provide better services.

The Skills Module allows partners to identify areas where they need improvement, encouraging a culture of continuous learning. This is crucial for partner relationship development and for maintaining the competitiveness of your business.

The right skills for the right people at the right time

Take your internal teams and channel partners to the next level! Let us show you what our innovative skills building platform can do for you today.