Skills building for Cloud SaaS

Empower your team and partners with a training platform that provides skills gap analysis, training, and certifications representing your proprietary products, it was built for the Cloud SaaS.

You need to be trained in the cloud to be effective in the cloud. Empower your team with skills, training, and a certification platform that works. Save time and effort by leveraging your proprietary training materials and best-in-class learning resources.

Introducing Innovorg for Product Adoption

Aside from the core technology, support and user experience are areas where Cloud SaaS firms can differentiate themselves on the market. Innovorg gives you the edge you need to ensure your company and partners adopt your product and make the most of your offering.

Build Training & Certification Programs at Cloud Speed

Developing the right skills and certifications to deliver everything your SaaS technology offers can be overwhelmeing. Innovorg helps users quickly unlock the power of your SaaS technology by providing a training platform that works. It allows you to accellerate SaaS adoption by creating your own training programs and certifications using content from our global network of learning partners and by adapting internal training materials.

The Innovorg Training Module platform makes it easy to add quizes, track learning progress, and provide help to learners along the way. Ensure those wanting to use your SaaS technology have streamlined pathways to get the most out of it.

Key Advantages

The Cloud involves a network of related skills. The Innovorg Skills Module provides thousands of skill profiles you can use to assess the readiness of your team and partners to adopt Cloud solutions.

The Innovorg Training Module provides clear pathways for your team and partners to skill up with instant access to the world-class learning resources. This means you can roll out new services faster and stay at the cutting-edge of Cloud technology.

The Innovorg Certification Module shows you your team’s certifications and provides clear pathways for them to gain credentials with the most business impact.

The opportunities of Cloud SaaS are limitless as long as your team and users have the right training. You can use Innovorg to provide training out-of-the-box from leading training platforms and even integrate your own training materials.

The right skills for the right people at the right time

Take your internal teams and channel partners to the next level! Let us show you what our innovative skills building platform can do for you today.