Skills Building for Hosting & Data Center Providers

Real-time analytics-driven training and certification paths for hosting and data center professionals allow companies to do more with their infrastructure for their customers.

Hosting and Data Center providers offer more complicated services than ever before and search for more performance and cost efficiencies. Innovorg will help your team stay at the forefront of innovation with skills development, from virtualization and containers to security and penetration testing to Public and Hybrid Cloud environments.

How Innovorg Works with Hosting and Data Center Providers

Ensure your Hosting and Data Center team members can face all the challenges, whether new to your company or looking to build a long-term career. The Innovorg Platform identifies the skills gaps at the individual level and streamlines training to build the necessary skills. Innovorg digitizes the Job Scorecards connecting skills to the job roles and the outcomes each individual delivers. Managers and employees can now have factual and data-driven discussions on the next steps in career development.

Driving Efficiency Within Your Team

Innovorg provides visibility into your organization’s job roles and team member’s individual skills and certifications to build the right talent mix on teams, and identify opportunities for further training and credentials. Beyond the day-to-day tasks, hosts and data center providers can develop the sophisticated skills needed around virtualization, private and hybrid clouds, containers, security, machine learning, and much more. Innovorg helps organizations address the increased complexity and also take advantage of the flexibility and efficiency of cutting-edge technologies making the most of company talent.

Key Advantages

Cloud Hosting and Data Center providers require a complex array of skills. The Innovorg Skills Module provides a clear and complete view of your human assets to optimize costs and resources for their greatest impact.

Innovorg gives you a 360-degree view of your organization’s skill capabilities, allowing you to build the right teams for each project, and also see where individuals can add skills through our integrated Training Module.

As they provide more services, clients see Cloud Hosting and Data Center providers taking on a more strategic role when it comes to new business challenges. Being able to demonstrate skills through certifications provides assurance when tackling more complex hosting and infrastructure needs. And the Innovorg Skills and Training Modules ensures you’ll always be able to stay at the forefront of new technologies and developments.

The opportunities of Cloud SaaS are limitless as long as your team and users have the right training. You can use Innovorg to provide training out-of-the-box from leading training platforms and even integrate your own training materials.

The right skills for the right people at the right time

Take your internal teams and channel partners to the next level! Let us show you what our innovative skills building platform can do for you today.