Certification module

The Certification Module streamlines certification management, encompassing targets, inventory, and completion tracking. It caters to both external professional certifications and in-house company certifications for your staff and partners.

Introducing the Certification Module

The Innovorg Certification Module efficiently monitors your organization’s existing certifications and tracks progress towards new ones, ensuring you meet the certification standards required by your major partners and demanded by industry. In synergy with the Innovorg Skills and Training Modules, it guides team members on the skills essential for certifications and delineates the training pathways leading to them. Upon fulfilling these requirements, individuals can earn industry-recognized certificates, boosting their career development.

Track Certifications & Progress

The Certification Module proactively guarantees that both your organization and your team members consistently fulfill the criteria set. It enables you to anticipate and address the need for certification renewals in advance of expiration dates, ensuring continuous compliance. Moreover, it efficiently identifies the most suitable candidates within your organization for pursuing strategically beneficial certifications.

Implementing a tailored proprietary certification program for your employees through this module is an effective strategy to ensure that everyone is align with your specific standards and expectations. The Certification Module simplifies and streamlines the intricacies of administering such programs, making the process more manageable and efficient.

Use Certifications as an Advantage

Companies that demonstrate expertise in specific subject areas not only build trust but also meet essential industry requirements. In many sectors, possessing relevant certifications is a prerequisite to participate in Request for Quotations (RFQs) or keeping a partner status. Maintaining these certifications is crucial, as it opens doors to new business opportunities.

For technology providers, the Certification Module is an invaluable tool. It allows you to design and implement tailored certification management programs. This module serves as a strategic asset in establishing and reinforcing your credibility and expertise, while simultaneously ensuring that your organization meets the partner certifications requirements.

Key Advantages

Managers often find it challenging to monitor and manage team certifications with their busy schedules. Gain a comprehensive insight into your compliance status, both at an organizational and individual team member level, with our streamlined system. Stay ahead of the curve by knowing exactly when certifications are due for renewal. Plus, integration with the Innovorg Skills Module ensures a continuous pipeline of team members who are well-prepared to acquire these essential certifications, thereby streamlining the process and alleviating the administrative burden on managers.

Certificates serve as a powerful motivator for individuals to enhance their skills, offering a tangible goal that encourages personal and professional development. Additionally, they are invaluable tools in assessing employee performance, providing clear benchmarks for skill proficiency and career progression.

Gain insightful visibility into each team member’s progress and understand how their current skills and training align with certification requirements. Monitor their journey towards certification, and offer a well-defined pathway complemented by a comprehensive set of learning resources to guide them seamlessly to their goal. This approach not only tracks progress but also ensures that every team member has the necessary support and tools to achieve full certification.

Bridge the gap between current capabilities and emerging industry demands by identifying and adopting new certifications. Our platform enables you to pinpoint areas where training and coaching can transform skill set gaps into growth opportunities. This approach not only keeps your workforce ahead of the curve but also ensures your organization remains competitive and compliant with evolving industry standards. Plus, our self-serve platform is designed to complement and enhance your existing training and talent development strategies, making the adoption of new certifications a smooth and efficient process.

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