Skills module

The Skills Module helps you catalog, assess and track the skills of your organization to to unlock the power of your products & services. It is all about having the right people, in the right roles, with the right skills and at the right time.

Introducing the Innovorg Skills Module

The unprecedented growth in technology is driving a real need for more specialized skills and certifications. The Innovorg Skills Module is designed to meet this challenge directly by enabling professionals to get the skills they need at an incredibly fast pace.

Skills Cataloging, Tracking and Reporting

The Innovorg Skills Module is a robust product designed to catalog, assess, monitor, and report on a wide range of skills within your organization and its partner network. Recognizing that the success of technology teams hinges on the relevancy of their skills, this tool accommodates an extensive array of abilities, from soft skills to technical and functional expertise.

Armed with detailed data on skill gaps, the module empowers you to identify and cultivate the perfect blend of highly specialized talent, specifically aligned with your products and services. It streamlines the process of mapping the right skills to the right roles, evaluating the skills gaps and tracking progress. It significantly reducing the time, cost, and resources involved in onboarding, training, and upskilling employees and partners.

Moreover, the module offers managers, employees, and partners a dynamic, real-time view and control over roles, people and organizational units, enhanced by in-depth analysis of the existing skill gaps. This insight is further enriched with customized recommendations for skill development, ensuring your team’s competencies are continually refined and aligned with both current and future organizational objectives and market demands.

Bridge the Skills Gap

Skills gaps can critically impact your team’s operational efficiency and financial success. In an ever-evolving technological world, the challenge for organizations lies in effectively managing, refreshing, and sharing essential product knowledge, both internally and with external partners. This becomes even more crucial in sectors like cloud computing, hosting, and managed services, where advanced technical skills are crucial for the successful implementation of sophisticated IT solutions. Ensuring that your employees and service providers are equipped to meet these intricate requirements is of paramount importance.

To meet this need, the Innovorg Skills Module offers Master Skills catalog, meticulously designed for the Technology sector covering thousands of skills. This tool also provides you with the means to accurately identify, catalog and assess skills that are unique to your company acknowledging the complexity and diversity of the products and services of each industry.

Key Advantages

The Innovorg Skills Module empowers you to comprehensively catalog the diverse range of skills that exemplify your company’s expertise and align these skills with specific roles within the organization. It offers the flexibility to map these roles to various organizational units, giving you complete control and oversight.

The Innovorg Skills Module shows your team’s current skills and what they need to further develop. Using these insights, it will enable you to uncover the perfect mix of talent for your products and services and strengthen your teams. Skills can be matched to operational metrics as a means of measuring and improving performance. Develop personalized training opportunities that have measurable results based on the business priorities.

By utilizing the Innovorg Skills Module and skills scorecards, you have the opportunity to build your people by setting clear expectations. This strategic alignment not only enhance employee engagement but also significantly boosts productivity. The insight provided by the module into employee skills and competencies is a key tool in unlocking their full potential, fostering a more efficient, skilled, and motivated workforce.

The Skills gaps are opportunities for upskilling, training and coaching. Give employees and partners personalized training opportunities that not only help companies meet their goals but also advance individual careers. Use the skills assessment to find out who has potential to be certified. In certain industries, certification is a huge benefit or a requirement, and this presents a great opportunity.

The right skills for the right people at the right time

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