PRESS RELEASE: Opus Interactive & Innovorg Launch Cloud Training Program

PRESS RELEASE: Opus Interactive & Innovorg Launch Cloud Training Program

Today, Opus Interactive is implementing an unprecedented cloud computing training program for frontline support staff and engineers. The training is in partnership with Innovorg and designed to equip front line cloud support and engineers with a standardized approach to on-boarding and cross-training the knowledge needed to support high-compliance, high-security, and high-availability workloads.

The training announced today will be available immediately to Opus staff and focuses on critical topics like VMC on AWS, Network Connectivity, and public cloud management – all critical elements in supporting end-to-end hybrid and multi-cloud solutions. The training is only the latest in a long list of actions the Opus leadership team has taken to ensure long term solutions to the industry skill shortage.

As the digital economy evolves, we must transform how we align the workforce with the business. The Cloud sector is especially impacted as there is high product & service complexity and resource intensity. Shannon Hulbert sees upskilling as critical to addressing skills gaps. She has directed us to deploy every resource available to ensure Opus’s Support and Engineering teams are fully aligned with the business, educated, and continue keeping critical customer infrastructure at its best – all the time

Elya McCleave, Founder and CEO of Innovorg said

When customers select Opus as a cloud and colocation partner, they add over 400 skills to their IT team. Taking a scalable approach to the training for those skills is key.,” said Opus Interactive CEO, Shannon. “Innovorg was the ideal partner to work with Opus to establish long-term and scalable training for the specialized cloud skills our team brings to the table.

Elya and team took great care in tailoring the Opus Cloud Training Program. It addresses need within our specific industry and the workload types the Opus team supports. The program is an example of a coordinated response integrating cloud provider, skills-building, and talent analytics to create scalable training.

Also, both organizations are women-owned and it’s great to be supporting each other. We’re both extremely proud of the result and what it could mean to how cloud and colocation providers approach building skills training paths going forward.

Shannon Hulbert, CEO of Opus Interactive said

The first-of-its kind training is called the “Opus Cloud Training Program” and it has been designed specifically with cloud computing operations teams in mind. The program features a tailored course that incorporates the 27 year legacy of skills added by Opus front-line staff and engineers.

These best practices and skills assessments served as the core for developing high-quality training content for cloud hosting and colocation services. The training builds upon ITIL framework, Innovorg’s knowledge platform, and the comprehensive knowledge base the Opus Team has been building for nearly 3 decades.

The result is a program that addresses support for the Opus’ specific niche in the industry and builds connections between roles, skills, products & services and outcomes powering up real-time ongoing view at every level of the organization.

About Opus Interactive

Opus Interactive helps customers reduce costs and optimize resources with tailored cloud hosting and colocation solutions. Our mission is to build trusted results that pave the way for sustainable IT and the next generation of technology builders.

Founded in 1996, Opus Interactive has earned a reputation for delivering hosting solutions that meet enterprise requirements for compliance, performance, security, and cost. Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders and a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction, the woman-owned cloud provider offers:

  • Cloud Hosting & Dedicated IaaS
  • Colocation
  • Business Continuity

An accredited member of the International Managed Services Provider Alliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and SSAE 18 SOC 2 compliance, the WBENC certified company operates from Tier III+ data centers located in Hillsboro, Portland, Dallas, and Northern Virginia – with partner expansion availability in over 30 regions within the United States.

Opus Interactive proudly supports Sustainable IT, STEM, Women in Tech, and Digital Inclusion.
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